A reliable & secure BEP-20 token fused to Binance Smart Chain that will most certainly, moon hard.

Contract Address: 0x1B66349B7cF78098728a40b61A884aBbad93A008


Current Price

Under 1k



Market cap


Tokens Burned

What is RoliToken?

RoliToken is a freshly minted DeFi project that fuels itself by providing a safe haven for token fanatics. We will build momentum while growing our community & delivering on our PROMISE to invigorate all decentralized platforms.

Like you, we are fans of genuine token projects, proficient in tokenomics, and have studied the DeFi projects that pre-exist us. We've modeled our project to have some of the well-known DeFi features that we all love, & made adjustments where necessary to create a sustainable token that we can grow together.

RoliToken News
March 6, 2021

RoliToken experiences the greatest form of flattery, by half-wit devs trying to copy our token before launch. We have zero affiliation with the RolexToken that was created on ETH blockchain. We have taken appropriate steps to protect against any further copycats by registering all variations of RoliToken.com (Rollie & Roli Token and coin.com variations). This means we are doing something right and we haven’t even launched yet.

May 6, 2021

RoliToken dev's burned 50% of the total supply before the fair launch to create momentum. The RoliToken dev's are planning dates for the DX fair launch so stay tuned and check our social media accounts below to get the details. Who doesn’t want to own a Rolex watch afterall?

Healthy & fair Tokenomics for fast & steady growth

$ROLI Supply Breakdown

1 quadrillion pre-burn supply
50% burned prior to DXsale
15% available for public DXsale
10% for LP to be locked until 12/31/2025
1.3% for admin & dev team
0.3% for DXsale fees
23.40% exchanges

Token Supply

50% was Burned for good
500,000,000,000,000 remaining

Only 1.3%

dev & admin tokens
13T total dispersed prior to DXsale
487,000,000,000,000 in circulation

Only 8% Tax

4% Recirculated to Hodlers
2% Automatically locked in LP
1% Marketing/Development & 1% to charity

Appreciating Asset

Manual Burns creates momentum

Redistribution creates excitement

Community growth creates exaltation


After takeoff we will be launching our merch store. The plans include: clothing, accessories, limited suppy runs of specialty items such as posters, gift cards for exchanges and much much more.

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